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Was ihr bei der Umstellung auf Naturkosmetik beachten solltet

What you should consider when switching to natural cosmetics

Did you know that synthetically produced creams and lotions contain questionable substances that irritate and dry out your skin and cause skin problems in the long term We at TocoCare believe in the healing power of nature and therefore want to share our valuable tips and tricks with you in our first blog entry, which will help you to switch from artificial creams to naturally produced skin care So here are our TOP 3 TOCO TIPS:

1. Give your skin time to get used to the natural ingredients!

You have always looked after your skin with conventional cosmetics. You have already got used to the feeling of care and are actually satisfied with the products. We are sure that at least you have actually dealt with the ingredients and active ingredients and know what is really inside is in the conventional creams and lotions. Your body has probably got used to the synthetic fragrances, preservatives and dyes and is now demanding them too. Because, the main components of these products are usually Vaseline, paraffin and silicone, which lay over your skin like a film and first of all create a pleasant feeling on the skin. The feeling is deceptive and if you have forgotten your cosmetics while on vacation and do without them for some time, you will feel that your skin is breathing, detoxifying and initiating a completely natural cleaning process. During this process, cells regenerate that repair the skin surface and fix skin problems in the long term. And yet, most of them are afraid of this change, do not want to live with the detoxification for two weeks, tolerate pimples for a short time and therefore stick to conventional products. But... ..

2. Initial blemishes are a good sign!

You have decided to switch to natural cosmetics. The new product feels unfamiliar and also creates skin blemishes. No reason to put it away again and use your usual skin care routine. Your skin now needs some time to get rid of old toxins and remove the silicone film. With conventional care, this film is quickly and artificially restored through constant and regular application of cream. When switching to natural cosmetics, this process is no longer necessary and we urgently need to apply cream to the skin again and again. But be patient! Because, high-quality vegetable oils are rich in caring ingredients that support the skin in doing its natural work. Ourr TocoCare Elixir e.g. penetrates deep into the skin and supplies the starved cells with important vitamins and antioxidants. After 2-4 weeks, the cells build up again and renew themselves all by themselves. The skin is in harmony again and the blemishes disappear, because the poison is disposed of.

3. Vegetable skin oils are suitable for every skin type!

We made a conscious decision to use plant-based skin and body oils. Not only are they easy to apply and massage in, to name just one advantage, they are also suitable for all skin types. Even oily skin needs fat and benefits from our oils. Why? By adding fat, our skin receives the signal to produce less fat itself and takes the rich ingredients it needs to feed our cells. We use our oils every day, not only for skin care, but also when we have the feeling that we have lost our balance in everyday life. So if you have concerns about switching your care completely to natural cosmetics, then ours is ourser TocoCare acute a way to slowly get used to it. You can add a few rich droplets as a natural booster to your conventional products and see what happens ... If you want to find out more about the topic of switching to natural cosmetics, you will find numerous well-researched and scientifically proven articles and comments on the Internet. Until then, stay fresh! Your toco team  

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