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Neue Tocotrienol Quelle für TocoCare Produkte

New source of tocotrienol for TocoCare products

In the last few months we have received increasing feedback from our customers and business partners that they would like a different source of tocotrienol for our products. Since palm fruit oil is increasingly being used as fuel in the EU, there has been broad public opposition to palm fruit products in general. This is mainly due to the fact that in Asia a large part of this production also takes place on illegally cleared areas and it is not always easy for the consumer to differentiate between the quality in detail. Despite the fact that our products originate from certified and sustainable agriculture, we see the criticism as an impetus and, in coordination with our product development department, have found a new, clean and high-quality source for the tocotrienol:rice germ oil. The pure vitamin E is isolated from the rice germ oil in an extraction process and the high-quality vitamin E complex is created, which contains all eight isomers of vitamin E. This will ensure in the future that the products offer the full spectrum of vitamin E and not just the otherwise common tocopherol from a synthetic source.

Rice Tocotrienol TocoCare

Since the tocotrienols from the rice source have a slightly different composition, the consistency and color will also have changed slightly. If you have experience or feedback on the products, we look forward to your feedback at any time.

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