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Schritt für Schritt zur Naturkosmetik

Step by step to natural cosmetics

The beauty industry has a great influence on the consumption and application of conventional cosmetics. In the past few years a change has been noticed due to various factors: More and more people are choosing natural cosmetics. Our skin is our largest organ, which has various functions to maintain the skin barrier and thus to ensure health. So we should pay more attention to our skin. It is important to take a close look at what ingredients we bring them into contact with. Nature can do a lot for healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails. Essential oils and extracts from resins, seeds and flowers have been valued for their healing properties for hundreds of years. As a young startup, we not only want to sell our products, but also support you in rethinking conventional cosmetics. After a long search, we discovered the perfect ingredients for our cosmetics and launched our first product on the market in 2016. The conscious handling of ingredients makes it possible to escape from the toxic routine and let our skin breathe a sigh of relief. Because our skin is the mirror of our health.

The problems with conventional cosmetics

There are a lot of controversial ingredients in conventional cosmetics. Often these are not recognizable at first glance because they are described with difficult names on the list of ingredients. Here is a small digression on the most commonly used ingredients and what they can do in your body:


are a detergent that can be found in most conventional cleaning products. This is used as a foaming agent and used as a grease-dissolving cleanser for skin and hair in order to remove the excess sebum. Sulphates are the most commonly used surfactant in conventional cosmetics because they are an inexpensive ingredient.problem: Excessive cleaning with sulfates causes the horny layers of skin and hair to swell. As a result, too much is washed away, which would actually be good for the body's own protection. The skin becomes so rough, tends to itch, flakes and reddens.


consists of tiny plastic balls, no larger than five millimeters. Through mechanical cleaning, it helps in care and cleaning products to remove dead skin flakes particularly well. It is also used as a binding agent in almost all cosmetics.problem: the small plastic particles are not completely filtered out in the sewage treatment plants. The particles end up in the sea as pollutants for fish and other marine animals. This is not only bad for living beings and thus also for the environment, but when we eat fish, the globules also get onto our plates and into our bodies.


are used as preservatives in cosmetics to protect the product from germs and bacteria.problem: many types of parabens are suspected of promoting cancer and actively influencing the endocrine system. In high doses, this poses a risk to your health. Since 2015, the parabens propylparaben and butyparaben are no longer permitted in baby cosmetics in the EU.sen.


is a synthetic fragrance that is said to resemble the scent of lily of the valley. The liquid, yellowish or colorless substance is often used in cosmetics and cleaning products.problem: this ingredient has a great allergy potential. Especially people who are prone to contact allergies should avoid this substance.


are a microwax made from petroleum. Paraffins are able to lay on the skin as a film and not be absorbed. This makes the skin feel pleasantly cared for, but unfortunately this only applies to the upper layer of the skin.problem: with long-term use the skin dries out, as breathing and thus metabolism is restricted or prevented.

So you see, synthetic ingredients can be real poison for the body and nature.

The decisive difference between conventional cosmetics and natural cosmetics is that natural substances are absorbed differently in the cell than synthetic substances. In natural cosmetics, essential oils and fruit aromas are used for color and fragrance. The natural substances help skin and hair to regain their balance. They receive nutrients and are protected from moisture loss. This helps the skin to regenerate effectively.

Natural cosmetics are cosmetics whose ingredients are predominantly of natural origin and consistently do without synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives. In real natural cosmetics, only that which can be returned to the natural cycle and which does not pollute the environment for a long time is allowed. However, natural cosmetics are not a protected term.

Seals provide information about the guidelines according to which the products were manufactured. The following applies to controlled natural cosmetics: they do not contain any petroleum-based ingredients and are free from silicones, artificial fragrances and synthetic emulsifiers. Microplastics and most preservatives are prohibited. Natural raw materials may only be chemically changed slightly. There are stricter requirements for animal experiments and, depending on the seal, some of the ingredients come from organic farming.

Since natural cosmetics are so harmless, they are suitable for everyone and in every situation in life. In addition, you are doing something good for the environment!

For all of the reasons mentioned, we don't believe in conventional cosmetics. The best medicine for young and healthy skin comes from within and from nature. Our products have been on the market since 2016 and right from the start no harmful ingredients had their raison d'etre with us. Quite the opposite: we went in search of the perfect natural ingredients in order to produce the perfect care with all the important nutrients for you.

It's all about quality

Even in ancient times, people knew about the natural powers of plants. Healing with medicinal plants is also a form of therapy that was already written about in Greek and Roman antiquity. Plants have been used to make effective medicine and cosmetics for many centuries. The old knowledge about the effect of plant power still plays an important role today, which is growing steadily.

Natural cosmetics bring skin and hair into balance with natural substances. This gives you nutrients and protects you from moisture loss.

Natural cosmetics are subject to strict requirements in order to achieve the Certification to obtain. Criteria for receiving one of the common seals are the following:

1. In natural cosmetics, synthetic colors, fragrances and parabens (preservatives) are not used. Paraffins (petroleum), silicones or other genetically modified organisms are also not used in natural cosmetics.

2. Since parabens are not used in natural cosmetics, we have to use other substances to make our cosmetics durable. As a first step, it is important to use only high-quality raw materials that are free from impurities. With the help of essential oil, vitamin C or organic alcohol, we can make our cleaning and care products naturally durable.

3. Ingredients in natural cosmetics should be natural, i.e. mostly plant-based. Depending on the certification, mineral or animal components are also permitted to a certain extent. The most important ingredients in terms of quantity are oils, fats and waxes such as argan oil, olive oil, soybean oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax.

4. The production (cultivation and harvest, as well as processing), packaging and transport should be as sustainable as possible, i.e. environmentally friendly and resource-friendly.n.

5. Depending on the level of certification, the quantities of ingredients that must come from organic farming are also prescribed.

So which seals do you have to look out for??

Here we explain the most common seals to you.

BDIH : The Federal Association of German Industrial and Trading Companies certifies cosmetics as natural if they are free from petroleum products and synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives. As far as possible, all ingredients must come from organic

Natrue : The Natrue seal, which was originally created from the industry's own commitment, has meanwhile become one of the most important certificates in natural cosmetics. As with the BDIH, only natural substances that come from controlled organic cultivation are permitted here.

Ecocert : this seal is rarely found in Germany. Even so, you shouldn't doubt its credibility. Ecocert differentiates between natural cosmetics so at least 50% of the ingredients must be plant-based and 5% organic and organic cosmetics, whereby at least 95% of the ingredients must be plant-based and at least 10% organic.üssen.

Demeter : is a pioneer in the field of natural cosmetics. The Demeter brand association introduced the first guidelines as early as 1990. In addition to the current rules, a high level of biodegradability and absolute transparency in the declaration are important to Demeter.

Quality has its price!

High-quality ingredients are significantly more expensive to obtain than the cheap components of conventional cosmetics. These high quality substances are tailored to the natural balance of the skin.

Since the production facility or the conditions often play a major role in sustainability, natural cosmetics are often at a higher price than conventional cosmetics.

Cosmetics are only as good as their ingredients. High-quality and natural components of our cosmetics meet our requirements and should also meet yours.

And how are the effectiveness and tolerability tested?

Natural cosmetics are not a protected term, which is why the name does not automatically mean that the cosmetics are cruelty-free or vegan. The seals mentioned above will therefore help you with your selection.

Animal-free cosmetics

Animal testing in cosmetics has been banned in the EU since 2013, but there are different international regulations. You should consider this before making a new purchase.


These products do not contain any ingredients produced by or from animals. However, that does not mean that they may not have been tested on animals.

The good news is that natural cosmetics are trending and the industry has therefore been targeting consumers for years and expanding the global market. Whether on the Internet, in cosmetic studios or in the drugstore, you can find the popular natural cosmetics everywhere. At TocoCare, we address people of all genders, ages and skin types..

Without compromises

The power of nature, pure skin care, less is more. Detoxify your skin from a toxic routine. Detox your life, detox your skin. Use the forces of nature to develop your own strength from within. Holistic care with natural cosmetics is therefore recommended.

TocoCare promises you

- Only work with valuable organic oils

- To use purely vegan ingredients (except for the lip balm, here we use beeswax)

- To use the high-quality natural vitamin E complex in our products

- Not to use any petroleum products or other chemicals

- To be hypoallergenic

- And to manufacture our products in Germany.

Initial deterioration

Since natural cosmetics do not contain film formers such as silicones, they cannot cover up skin and hair damage, but must provide a real improvement in order to be bought again. For this reason, you do not immediately see a positive change with every new product and sometimes you have to accept a short conversion phase. A natural anti-aging product, for example, continues to have an effect a short time after stopping it, while conventional products that have only covered the wrinkles stop immediately and often result in an apparent deterioration of the skin. In addition, the claim of certified natural cosmetics is always to improve the skin and keep it healthy, while conventional manufacturers are usually sufficient to make the skin look healthy. Instead of masking or covering up skin problems with cosmetics, we want to help our skin to radiate healthy.n.

 A new skin care line is, so to speak, a kind of change in diet for the skin. She gets more nutrients that she has to use. This change can take about a regeneration cycle. If you change your diet, your digestion may initially react differently than expected. This is also the case with new, better products for your skin. The top layer of skin is constantly renewed. New cells are formed in the underlying epidermis, which are slowly pushed up by the subsequent cells. These slowly become horny. When they have reached the top, they form the new skin surface until they are completely dead and are renewed. Your skin needs 28 days to completely renew itself.

Over time, our skin has forgotten how to regenerate itself. Natural cosmetics do not replace the natural skin function, but support it. To do this, it supplies the skin with, for example, nourishing oils, which are then either incorporated directly into the skin barrier or processed into useful products. Natural ingredients are far more complex than petroleum products. Your skin has to get used to the new task again.

Is it possible that cosmetics accelerate skin renewal??

It all depends on how quickly the epidermis forms new cells. You have no control over this. However, something can be done to get rid of dead skin cells faster. The best way to do this is to use peelings. These loosen the uppermost horny layer and leave your skin looking fresher and more even. For best results, exfoliate once or twice a week. However, it does not accelerate cell division; you can only support your skin in regeneration. A mindful lifestyle, for example, has a positive effect here. Regular exercise, fresh air, adequate sleep, a healthy diet and good skin care also help. Make sure you avoid too much sun, stress, alcohol and cigarettes. It harms your skin.

 Give your skin the time it needs!

Please note: an initial deterioration is not a must, but possible. Give your skin time to get used to the new products. Be patient instead of changing products too quickly. Natural cosmetics support a long-term and skin-own process for the optimal care of your largest organ!

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