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Interview mit Christine Neder - von Lilies Diary

Interview with Christine Neder - from Lilies Diary

Today Christine Neder, life coach and blogger, is in conversation with us and tells uswhy she is a big fan of TocoCare.

Christine reports on her travels, sustainability in everyday life, zero waste on her channelsand minimalism.

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Shiva :Christine, minimalism is an affair of the heart for you. What is you withmost important to new products?

Christine :The most important thing about products that I buy is a certain multifunctionalityvery important. This also applies to cosmetics for me, so it's best for multiple purposesfulfill. I want to do something good for my skin without spending too much on it.That is why I am enthusiastic about your products and the variety.

Shiva :That's exactly how we see it. We want our customers to be effectiveOffer all-rounders that work. You already know our TocoCare Acute Skin Oil.What do you think about it?

Christine :The TocoCare Acute Skin Oil convinced me very much. Just a few drops ofthe oil is sufficient for use on the face, for example, and the care is without itgreat effort. After a sunny day, I massage myself two after cleaningDrops of the skin oil into my skin. Especially in sunny Portugal, where I lastHaving lived several months, taking care of the skin from drying out is very importantto protect!

Shiva :You are absolutely right! On the subject of multifunctionality: do you also use our oilfor other purposes?


Christine :Even regardless of everyday care, the skin oil is my little oneBecome a miracle cure. Thanks to him I have broken veins and a bigger oneGet a grip on pigment spots from pregnancy, so they meanwhilelook like faded.

Shiva :That's great! What do you think of tocotrienol in particular??

Christine :I've become a big fan of it. The vitamin E is a great help with dry,cracked and stressed skin that is exposed to many environmental influences. So perfect formy exciting everyday life! As far as I know, it has even helped people withStruggling with eczema.

Shiva :What would you say are your favorite qualities about oursProducts?

Christine :I really appreciate the use of 100% natural ingredients in my skin care routineimportant. You have no preservatives, no microplastics, no fragrances andno palm oil. I also think it's really great that your products are free of chemicals andAnimal experiments are!

Shiva :We also attach great importance to this! In the end it would be nice if youTell our readers why you tested our products in the first place.

Christine :I met you as a founder some time ago and was afterimmediately curious about our conversation. You told me the story back then, like you did inan organic oil mill in Germany have started to create your own oil. Because youeven had problems with dry skin and neurodermatitis and with the productsMarkt were not satisfied, you quickly developed what you needed yourself. Soseen your problems were actually almost lucky, because the best productsusually arise when the developer himself absolutely has to find an optimal solutionwould like to. Since you produced something for yourself, I was convinced that it was ahad to be a great product. That's why I was so happy, yoursTo be able to test products as well!

After the great acute skin oil and the balm, which can be used against dry skin in winterI'm looking forward to your new facial cleansing soap soonI have been looking for something like this for a long time..

Shiva :Thank you Christine for the interview! We look forward to further feedback from you.

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