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Interview mit Shiva Safaie, der Gründerin von TocoCare:

Interview with Shiva Safaie, the founder of

Have a special concept for sustainability?

Our entire business model is very sustainable: Interview with the owner of the TocoCare shop Shiva Safaie. We only produce in small series and as required. This is the only way to ensure that the products always arrive fresh at the customer. In addition, we only produce what is actually used. Since we use the existing infrastructure of an oil mill for bottling, we consciously decided not to create new business premises when the company was founded. Since we are now a small family, we work very flexibly from the home office and consciously avoid unnecessary trips between home and work. When designing the products, we also made sure to use as many natural and reusable materials as possible and of course participate in the dual system in Germany which ensures that every product produced is already included in the reuse cycle. The ingredients of our products come from organic agriculture, which ensures that the production of the raw materials has the most positive effect on the environment. Last but not least, with our care line we create the opportunity to reduce a number of products in your bathroom. With natural skin care and natural ingredients, you can influence what goes back into the environment through the drain and disposal. For us, the buying behavior of customers has the greatest impact on the environment. Most products in natural cosmetics are still packaged in plastic and designed so that they often run out and are bought later. For us it is important to show possibilities how to achieve outstanding effects with less effort.

You can read the full length interview here.

Have fun reading, your Shiva.

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