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  • Akut
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    I got to know Tococare at the Yogaworld fair in Munich. Since I have been doing my own cosmetics for a long time, mostly with coconut and jojoba oil, I was very happy to have found Tococare Acute. With this product I upgrade my homemade facial oils. So I have the great effect of the antioxidant in my personal care. My skin is happy about the special oil because I notice that red veins on the nose and cheek are even less. I'm excited. Thank you Tococare for the tocotrienol. I think it's particularly good that you extracted this from the rice.

  • Elixir
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    I've only been using the Elixir for a short time, but I'm pretty enthusiastic about it. I have finally found the right one for my 45-year-old, very dry skin. Rich in the right nutrients, easy to apply, quick-drying and easy to transport when traveling because of the small bottle volume, I can recommend the product to everyone. No matter how old, whether man or woman, everyone should take care of their skin and maintain health. Because beauty comes from within. This means: be happy!

  • Tocotrienol + C
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    We (couple in their early 50s) are regular runners. We have both been suffering from foot pain (plantar fasciitis) for about a year. We have been taking Tocotrienol for three months. The pain in both of us almost disappeared after a short time independently of each other. Overall, we have the feeling that tocotrienol is very good for us. We have already recommended the product to family and friends and have also received very positive feedback. We can only recommend Tocotrienol.

  • Tocotrienol + C
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    I have been taking the Tocotrienol + C capsules for a few weeks as a treatment for sudden hearing loss + tinitus. Here too an "audible" improvement! I am now looking forward to trying the TocoCare balm ...


    * Daily anti aging care

    * Moisturizing facial oil

    * Only a few drops are enough


    * Effective vitamin E cure
    * For local use
    To upgrade existing cosmetics


    * For very dry and stressed skin
    * Intensive moisturizing
    * For the care of reddened and irritated skin areas


    * Intensive care for lips and nails
    Ideal for traveling
    With Tocotrienol Vitamin E


    * Natural vitamin E supplementation
    * Combined with natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry
    * To protect the cells from oxidative stress