Our History

In search of a natural raw material that has anti-inflammatory properties, I became aware of a higher form of vitamin E by my partner on "Toco-trie-nol". Due to a wheat intolerance and the resulting problems, he had already gained many years of experience with natural antioxidants.

This discovery changed our lives. After an in-depth research phase and extensive tests, it was clear to us that everyone should have access to an unencumbered cosmetic with this unique addition, the Vitamin E complex. That's how the idea for TocoCare was born, and in January 2016, our product was launched in its first version.

We stand for natural cosmetics with few and very high quality ingredients

refrain from preservatives and all the ingredients that puzzle you when reading the INCI list. Especially people with sensitive skin need a nourishing cosmetic, which free of any chemistry or microplastics.

It is important for us to clarify the general misconceptions regarding the topic of vitamin E: tocopherol is just one of eight isomers that together count as vitamin E. The fact that even pharmacists and doctors often have a shrug about this topic motivates us every day to spread our knowledge and to explain the true power of this natural vitamin. (more on this)

We work daily to improve the product and look forward to your feedback and experience with our products.
Shiva Safaie

Manager , TocoCare